Rethink, Retrain, Recycle

Be an AI Computer Scientist

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Recently a team of Argonne researchers discovered a way to use AI to optimize a complicated manufacturing process that creates a wide range of industrial nanomaterials like those used in batteries. This is important not only to produce these important materials at a large scale, but also to ultimately develop greater technologies for society. In order to achieve this accomplishment, the team of researchers needed to engage in machine learning. Machine learning is an application of AI that involves developing computer algorithms so that the computer is essentially “learning” or being trained. The purpose of machine learning is for the computer to learn from past data to continuously improve without human input. Machine learning isn’t just for researchers at Argonne. In fact, you can try it out for yourself! We all know that recycling is good for our environment, however it can be a more complicated process than we might think. For one, not all materials can be recycled and knowing which ones can and cannot is difficult to remember. For example, you can put paper bags in the recycling bin but not plastic. Can you make this process easier using AI and Machine Learning? How accurate can you make it?

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Age: 11 - 100